Encouraging weight loss week

apple on a scaleThis week was very different from last weeks weight loss. I had a very confusing scale experience last week, this time I managed to not take a sneak peak and just go with my Friday weigh in. 3 pounds gone last week for a total of 11,6 pounds gone. The week was difficult in a sense that I had very strong cravings for something sweet, ideally chocolate cake (no it is not that time of the month). I managed to resist for most of the week, then on Thursday I was strongly considering having a cheat day on Friday. Why Friday you may ask, simply cause Mr. Vincent is off on Fridays and it is more fun to share a cheat snack with someone, and when you cheat, make a good and careful selection on what to eat. So Thursday morning before breakfast I decided to check my ketones. I was up to 1.0. So growing ketones, encouraging weight loss week made it very hard to have a cheat day. I decided that instead I would make a low carb cookie and instead like in the old days to have 4 or 5 cookies, only to have one or two. So for Friday night I made steak with a side of mozzarella and basil covered tomatoes with a little bit of olive oil drizzled over it, spinach and carrot fries (in moderation as carrots are high in carbs). Then we put the kids to bed, came back downstairs and enjoyed our two cookies which were about 2 carbs each. I will put in a recipe later, but they are a modified version of coconut tops dipped in chocolate. Very delish!

So off on another week, I’m expecting this week to be more moderate when it comes to weight loss, we will see. The little one made last week very difficult again when it comes to sleeping, but she is going through the 4 month sleep regression, so I’m averaging about 4 hours of sleep a night (interrupted). The joy of motherhood! On the good side, she is learning to reach and grab things, roll and just being a more interactive baby. When it comes to exercise I didn’t do much. On Monday I went for a walk at the botanic gardens which had a free day. But walking at the speed of a 2 year old wasn’t much exercise so was more just getting outside and giving my muscles a reminder that they have a job to do. Hopefully when things warm up a bit more I can go for more outside adventures.

I was scouring the internet for weight loss tips, and came across this article on WebMD. The food recommendation there are pitiful to say the least, low carb AND low fat. The title of the article should rather be, how to be miserable while loosing weight. In my opinion and experience (I’ve done the low carb low fat thing) this way of loosing weight is much better. I’m not hungry, I eat delicious food and don’t have to waste an hour or two at the gym every day, since that is simply not an option for me right now. Low carb high fat makes it easier for me to continue my weight loss week by week and not give up.


  1. RonC says:

    I checked out the WebMD article and only have one problem … The discouragement of saturated fats.
    I love butter and this article discourages butter. There seems to be a lot of evidence that saturated fats are not the culprits w.r.t. Heart and vascular diseases. I have a doctor appointment in a month … I will see how my blood work compares to 6 months ago.

  2. Vala Vincent says:

    My thought exactly. We eat an enormous amount of good grass fed butter. My husband went from bad lipid panel to all normal numbers with eating butter, eggs, red meat and all the yummy stuff we are supposed to avoid according to mainstream nutrition.

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