Wacky Weight Week

 This week was very odd when it came to the scale. I do a weigh-in every Friday morning and so far I have lost weight, sometimes quite a bit, sometimes just a few ounces. But everything going down is a progress to me. I have been on this diet now for 7 weeks and so far lost 8.6 lbs. Not as much as I would have wanted too, but hey, I’ll take it. The first two weeks were a big adjustment for us, I definitely did not get this diet right as we were eating too much protein, then there is the baby not sleeping through the night thing, but it will get there.

Here is what was weird about this week, on Wednesday I took a sneak peak at the scale and was 4 pounds lighter then when I weight myself in the middle of the night feeding on Friday morning. Then when I got up on Friday I was 2 pounds lighter again after the night’s weigh-in (still 2 pounds heavier then Wednesday). Just to confuse me even more I took a shower, then stepped on the scale and was a pound lighter then an hour ago. All very confusing. On Thursday night we had a steak dinner so I am wondering if steak was increasing the weight of the content in my stomach. I guess I will find out next Friday. The plan is to have fish on Thursday like we normally do and see if there is a significant difference. Also next Friday is when we do measurements to see if the belly is shrinking some.

I check my ketones once a week as well since the strips are to expensive to do every day, my fasting ketones were 0.6. It is slowly getting up there. I did have all sorts of carrots this week since we had a 5 lbs bag that needed cooking and carrots aren’t very low in carbs when it comes to vegetables.

This week was fairly difficult. We were having car problems and had to take it to the shop which is an hour drive one way. Then when I got there the 2 hour fix turned into an overnight fix where they gave me a rental car to drive. That part was fine, but a lot of time wasted having to deal with this so 2 days out of my week were ruined. Then the kids decided that sleep was overrated, my little one was waking 2-3 times a night and the toddler that normally sleeps her solid 12 hours right through kept waking up as well. This made for very tired parents. I assume it’s because their schedule got upturned with the car stuff and to top it off we had to do big shopping on Friday which took the whole day, so 3 days out of the week went into not following their normal routine.

It will be exciting to see what happens this Friday, I’m going to try not to take a sneak peak this time and get the kids back into their normal routines!

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