My New Ketosis Meter is in

meterThis morning I got my delivery of a blood ketone meter from Nova Max Plus. I chose Nova for price, if I bought 4 boxes of strips I got the meter and shipping for free. Mind you the whole thing was not cheap but I’m determined to lose weight and get into optimal nutritional ketosis and everything I had heard was the urine strips not being accurate enough. 


finger  Ouchie, my poor finger! I guess I have to get used to this as I will be checking every day at least until I get into a constant state of ketosis and feel comfortable knowing I’m staying there.

resultsJust as I thought, not there yet. Decades of thinking fat is evil is still going strong in me. The good news is that I’m not completely devout of ketones I’m in a very light nutritional ketosis. Now I have to figure out how to make tonight’s dinner more fatty. We are having chicken breasts….wish me luck!

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