Disappointing scale but still a small victory

apple on a scaleFor the last three weeks the scale has been up and down by 2 lbs only, either I’m 2 lbs heavier, or 2 lbs lighter. I know the scale isn’t the greatest measurement on weight loss as it can vary greatly with how much water you are retaining, stomach content, creating muscles etc. I’m considering to weigh myself once a month rather, or even get a fat caliber, not sure what would be the best tool.

I am showing process regardless of the scale refusing to go down. When my husband proposed to me he gave me a cute silver puzzle ring. It was a cheap ring from amazon and his intent was to have me pick out my own engagement ring. I ended up liking it so much that I never picked a ‘fancy’ ring out. I absolutely love the ring but when we got married I wanted to move the ring to my right hand instead, but my right finger is a whole size bigger then my left one so it never fit. By a fluke I tried it this weekend on my right hand, and what do you know, fits like a glove! That made me very excited as the scale has been disappointing me for the last 3 weeks I know I’m still shrinking. My wedding ring on the other hand doesn’t fit anymore, if I wear it it will slide off my finger.

This weekend we decided we were finally ready to add in more exercise. We dumped the kids at grandmas and decided to go on a short hike. Before kids we went hiking at least once a week. We would do long hikes burning probably good 1000 calories in the process. Afterwards we would always go out to eat and gain them right back with pizza or other carbohydrate rich food. This time I was determined to not fall into the same trap. First of all we haven’t been able to hike for 2 years or do any real exercise for that matter other then a stroller walk here and there. So an “easy” hike it was, we decided to do Bergen Peak which is about 2100 elevation gain with 4.7 mile hike to the top. Needless to say we didn’t make it to the top. But we are proud to say the main reason we turned around was time, we were going slower then normal and weren’t going to make it back to pick up the kids in time if we would’ve kept on to the top. We were both very tired, but also stubborn enough to keep going. We did were about a mile and a half away from the top when we stopped.

I have to say I did much better this time then when I started out hiking with my mountain goat of a husband a few years ago. Before I meet him I hadn’t hiked since my early teens. Even though I forgot my asthma medicine (smart I know), my breathing was fine most of the time, but my muscles were burning in the end, and today, very very sore!

The hardest part was to stick with the not going out to eat part, when we got down of the mountain it had been good 7 hours since we had had food and after burning all sorts of energy, we were both famished. Instead we went to king soopers, picked up a whole roasted chicken, green beans and salad and went home and ate there after snacking on a few nuts.

I can’t begin to describe how good it was to get outdoors again, unfortunately with young kids, hiking is not an option for us without babysitting, we are not one of those people in such great shape that we just whip them up on our back and jog up the mountain. We are out of shape former sugar addicts that love the outdoors.

A small victory for me to not go out to eat after the hike feels great. The scale is still annoying me but I’m not going to let something like that stop me. I will reach my end goal, ideally I want another 40 lbs to go away, but frankly I don’t have a goal number. I will stop trying to lose weight when I feel happy with my body, but this eating habit and lifestyle is forever.

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  1. RonC says:

    Val … I just found your site and like it … A lot. I have been studying nutrition for some time now and love your simple explanations.
    I have had a similar experience with stagnation in my weight loss. I have lost about 30 pounds over the last year and would like to lose about 15 more pounds. I am pre-diabetic and find low carbs to be best for my metabolism. I have decided to try intermittent fasting (IF) and modified HIIT as a way to break through to my ideal weight.
    The method of IF I use is to eat almost nothing in the morning so that most days I go 8 hrs sleeping plus 4 hrs in morning without eating. I limit my morning consumption to vitamins, fish oil capsules, and coffee with cream and butter (no sugar).
    For exercise I walk usually 2-4 miles per day. Additionally I go to the Y a few days a week and do all my own yard work (in the hot and humid Florida sun). I will add 10 minutes of HIIT each morning to this regimen.
    I have researched HIIT and IF and decided this may be the answer for me. I understand your frustration and suggest you consider adding these two concepts to your routine.

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