Butter Fried Zoodles

Butter Fried Zoodles


Butter Fried Zoodles

Zucchini is a great low carb vegetable. It can be used in side dishes or in baking or just gnaw on it raw. My husband on the other hand is not a big fan, except for the butter fried zoodles, he will gobble them up in no time. Not to mention how kid friendly this dish is, my 2 year old loves it, if you have a spiral cutter they are not only yummy, but also fun to eat. I personally like them better then spaghetti, and will pick zoodles over noodles any day.

You don’t have to use a spiral cutter, but it does make it easier. Before I purchased mine I used to use a potato peeler. It was a little more time consuming so for me it was well worth it to invest in my spiral slicer since we eat zoodles once or twice a week.

I used 4 zucchinis which is roughly enough for 2 adults and a toddler. I attached it to my spiral slicer and started my zoodle making process. It took me about 3 minutes to do all 4 zucchinis.

Butter Fried Zoodles

I heated my pan to medium heat and melted 2 tablespoons of butter. I added my zoodles to the pan and gave then a generous helping of salt. I then covered the pan up with a lid stirring occasionally to avoid burning.

Butter Fried Zoodles

After about 10 minutes I decided my butter fried zoodles were done. The timing is very open as it all depends on what type of texture you like. Zucchini can be enjoyed both cooked and raw so the finishing touch all depends on your preference. I sprinkled a little bit of finishing sea salt and they were ready to serve.

Butter Fried Zoodles

Easy, quick, nutritious and super yummy side dish that fits a wide range of meals, not to mention it can satisfy your Italian food cravings. They go especially well with my meatballs and homemade tomato sauce.

Slice them up with a potato peeler or use a spiral slicer, either way the end result will be absolutely delicious!

Butter Fried Zoodles
Easy, quick and nutritious side dish that will satisfy your pasta cravings.
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  1. 4 zucchinis
  2. 2 tbsp butter
  3. Salt to taste
  1. Use a potato peeler or a spiral slicer to form your zoodles.
  2. Melt the butter on a pan over medium heat.
  3. Add your zoodles on the pan and cover.
  4. Stir occasionally for 10-15 minutes.
  5. Enjoy!
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  1. Melissa says:

    Love all the recipe but I need the net carb amounts shown. I have to go to another website to fine this info! Maybe I am overlooking that info it is unusually not to show nutritional I info, please let me know if I am missing this on your site!

    • Vala Vincent says:

      I don’t have one yet, I’m still looking for something that will give better nutritional info then what I already have right now. It is one of those features that will be available in the future when I grow the website more 🙂 In the meantime I use https://cronometer.com/

      Please keep coming back, it is something I’m currently working on 🙂

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