A Small but deliberate Setback

For Valentines day me and Mr Vincent decided on a whim to go out for dinner. We had a rare opportunity for 2 hours of our day as child free. Obviously we could’ve spent our time differently, but we were hungry so we chose a Mexican Restaurant we go to maybe once a year. I had just reached up to 1.0 in ketones, anything over 0.5 means light nutritional ketosis and ideally you want to stay between 1.5 and 3.0 for the most effective fat burning. A cheat day here and there is fine, and realistically we are aiming for 80% good, 20% bad which means at least 1 cheat day a week. I also wanted to see how fast my ketones would go down and how quickly I could get them back after the little cheat day. So we went out and had a big burrito which I ate about 3/4 off and we shared a glass of horchata. It was delicious, what I didn’t except was the stomach cramps to follow later that night. I found that interesting as I have never really had problems with gluten that I had noticed, not sure if it was the gluten or something else, this will be subject for later testing. The morning after I tested my ketones and I had dropped down to 0.1. It took me 5 days to scratch my way back up to 0.5 and since the strips are so ridiculously expensive I’m not testing every day, but for now, no more cheat days until maybe my birthday.

The weight is slowly going down, I lost about 8 lbs in a month and to me any progress no matter small or big is great, I don’t have the ability to check fat, maybe that will be the next toy to order on amazon as the scale isn’t the best measure. I do notice my clothes are fitting better, even though most clothes I wear are old sweats and pregnancy clothes as right now I’m either sticky or covered in spit up from my little ones.

This week has been pretty rough on sleep, my 3 month old has been waking up 2-5 times during the night, so not much sleep for us which corresponds with weight loss. I have felt more hungry during the day, and since I am on a diet where if you are hungry, you eat, I ate. I have no intention on being both tired and hungry and even grumpier while trying to deal with a very energetic 2 year old. But things are turning around again, the little one slept much better later in the week and back to only waking up once in the night.

I am planning to add exercise into the plan when the little one is sleeping more consistently though the night and I am fully keto adapted, meaning at least a month in ketosis with numbers between the optimal range (1.5-3.0). Which means this spring I can get back into hiking, which used to be mine and Mr Vincent’s favorite form of exercise. It will be interesting to see if I have more energy this time around even though I haven’t moved much since before my first one was born. Before that I was a notorious carb eater, and regardless of hiking all sorts of mountains here in Colorado (with a torn ACL, but I’m a tough Viking so I ignored the knee) I never lost weight. I did get in better cardiovascular shape and got even more used to the high altitude. If I manage to get up to ideal ketone ranges within the next two weeks, my goal for my birthday in April as long as the weather is good is a good hike and not ice cream cake.

Now that’s a first!


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